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Video Of Lady Arrested For Hiding Drug In Hair

Each and every day comes with its own bizzare incidents that take place all over the world and today has gotten a video of a lady who went to the extreme just to hide some drugs from been seen by the police in her hair.

Tho there has been various ways of people hiding drugs like swallowing the drugs, injecting the drugs amongst others ,this young lady did the unthinakble by putting hers in the hair she was wearing.

In a video which has since been going viral and at the disposal of the young lady could be seen sitting down whiles some drugs were been removed from her hair.

According to the police, they suspected her from the look of how huge her hair looked when they spotted her which lead to them doing a check, and surprisingly they saw the hair filled with lots of drugs.

Tho the exact place she was taking the drug was not known the police has promised to begin an investigation into the matter and find out who she works with and where she was going before she was caught .

Watch the video below;

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