Stay Away From The Public Or I Will Publish Your Names-Bagbin To MPs With Coronavirus

The speaker of parliament of the Republic of Ghana Alban Bagbin has sent some strong warning to some lawmakers in the country who still go around town knowing that they have coronavirus.

According to the speaker who relayed her information through his first deputy speaker, Joe Osei-Owusu popularly known as Joe wise stated that anyone who fails to listen to his orders would have their names been published.

Speaking on behalf of the speaker of parliament he stated saying;

Mr Speaker wishes me to draw the attention of the members of the house that some MPs who have, in fact, tested positive, to the COVID, are still coming to the chamber”, he said, adding: “Mr Speaker wishes me to inform that if those members do not withdraw and isolate, he’ll be forced to publish their names of members who have tested positive in order to warn the rest of us

He further called on some 50 people who have still not availed themselves to be tested to do so or also have their names been published for all to see.

Please, let’s take this protocol seriously and let all members who have been informed of their test results that they have tested positive withdraw from the precincts of Parliament, not just the chamber; stay home and self-isolate, go through the protocols and recover before they return to the house

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