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Soldier reveals he is planning on killing his girlfriend

A military man has stunned many on social media after revealing he is planning to kill his girlfriend for reasons best known to himself.


The soldier identified as Edwin Willis who is with the Kenyan army in his post suggested that women are indifferent no matter how you treat them.

He continued that he used to sympathise with ladies who get killed by their boyfriends but at this stage of his life, he no more has sympathy for them.

According to him in the post, his name would soon be added to the list of men who have murdered their girlfriend asking the media to be on the lookout.

He posted: “Some ladies what do you want in life. I see some of you don’t learn and you think life is always Afro Cinema and now I don’t sympathize with those killed by their boyfriends.

“Soon or later, am gonna be on that list. News reporters be on standby. I need no comments here ”.

See the screenshot of his post below:

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