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Man Breaks Up With Wife Over Flatulence Issues

Marriage they say is a long journey that requires a lot of patience and understanding but that cannot be said to be the case of a man who is threatening to break up with his wife of over ten(10) years marriage due to her continuous flatulence.

The man whose was speaking during an interview on kumasi based  Nhyira FM’s Obra show monitored by stated that he has on countless occasion spoken with her wife to stop farting and causing the whole place to smell but she has turned a deaf ear to his complaint.

According to him, he has had enough of her wife and would like to call it quit since he cant tolerate her wife any longer.

The woman whose name was revealed as Vida revealed that it was nature which he can’t avoid when she felt like doing but his husband doesnt understand which has created a huge argument whenever they are together at home.

The husband of the woman further stated that his wife has also started transfering the flatulence issue to him too after he stated feeding him gaseous food late in the night.

He stated saying;

She told me that she’s been married for four years before our marriage but has never heard or seen her ex-husband fart but the problem is that she serves my food very late in the night, sometimes around 7:30 pm.

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