I’m Sorry – Kwadwo Sheldon Apologizes To Sarkodie

YouTube, Kwadwo Sheldon has apologised to Sarkodie for making disparaging comments about him.

For sometime now, Kwadwo Sheldon has been notorious for making fun of the rapper and criticising him just like he does for several other artistes mostly in his reviews and social media posts.

In an interview with Abeiku Santana on Okay FM earlier today, Sarkodie was asked about Kwadwo Sheldon’s incessant critiques about him.

To the shock of many, the rapper told Abeiku Santana that he doesn’t know Kwadwo Sheldon personally. He clarified that he knows him online due to his job but they have no personal relationship and he is not his friend.

Kwadwo Sheldon went on another attacking spree after the comments made by the rapper went viral.

But in a tweet a few hours ago, Kwadwo Sheldon reveals he was misled by fans of Sarkodie and didn’t listen to what he said on Okay FM himself.

After reviewing the tape from the program, Sheldon decided that he will apologise to the rapper for taking swipes at him.

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