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Exclusive: Hydrogen Peroxide Prevents Coronavirus-Prof. Ayettey

Hydrogen peroxide has been proven with evidence that it can be able to Prevent anyone from contracting coronavirus.

Rev. Emeritus Prof. Andrews Seth Ayettey who is a former Provost of the College of Health Sciences of the University of Ghana has made some shocking revelation about the drug has he stated that the drug has proven results that confirm that hydrogen peroxide can prevent coronavirus.

Hydrogen Peroxide Prevents Coronavirus
Hydrogen Peroxide Prevents Coronavirus

Speaking during an interview on  Key Points on TV3 monitored by he stated that, he is very ready to come out and defend his words with evidence and document from test and investigation which he did with the health authorities in the country.

According to the professor, the Ghana Health Service (GHS) and the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) should contact him should they want to know more about the drug and how he was able to determine it is good for preventing the virus.

The words of Prof. Ayettey come after the Ghana Health Service came out to debunk rumors of Hydrogen Peroxide been able to prevent people from the virus giving the reason that there is no proof for it and therefore all should avoid using it.

In our on-going observational studies, we have become even more convinced about the efficacy of this solution, realizing that eight frontline nurses in the COVID-19 management team at a District Hospital using hydrogen peroxide had not contracted the disease and had tested negative since May 2020. In comparison, 62 of their colleagues not using peroxide had contracted the disease by end of December 2020. In a Google survey to determine hydrogen peroxide use we noted that, even though the number of respondents was few, none using hydrogen peroxide had had COVID-19 or had tested positive for the virus. Also, none of those we know using hydrogen peroxide has been diagnosed with the disease.

He further stated that a friend’s and his whole family tested positive for the virus but upon the prescription of the drug plus some other drugs for them, they were able to test negative again weeks after been tested again.

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